How to order RegmagiK Registry Editor

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The Payment link redirects to RegmagiK order page powered by PayPal. Feel free to contact me directly if you need help with your order. Thank you for using RegmagiK and supporting development of more user-friendly features.

RegmagiK 31 day free trial works without any functional limitations. If you like to keep using RegmagiK after the trial expires, get a $15 license. In some states/countries a sales tax may be added. The license is personalized with the name and e-mail address you enter. Your license will be displayed when your payment is processed. A copy is e-mailed to you within 2 business days.

The license code looks like this:
1a 2b 3c 4d 5e 6f 70 80.Your Name you@email.

Enter the whole license code when prompted by RegmagiK, including the name and email address. You can use the same license code on multiple PCs. Your name and email address will be displayed from Help - About RegmagiK menu.


One of RegmagiK users wrote this review:

"I would like to thank you Boris for writing this wonderful RegmagiK software. It has helped me to resolve many registry problems I have had on my computer. I discovered your software by search when my computer was infected by a nasty virus. This virus had locked me out of my registry and modified data to keep me from running virus scans. I new the only solution would be a third party software to grant me access to my registry. After discovering this wonderful software, I was able access my registry and make the changes needed to return my computer to an operable state and successfully remove the virus. This is only one of it's near infinite abilities. One of my favorite features is the ability to bookmark important keys for near instant access. This prevents hours of searching for a key who's location you had forgotten. I strongly recommend this software to any registry enthusiast. Boris, your software is truly worth hundreds but at your very reasonable price of $15, one would be foolish not to invest in a copy. Thank you for giving this software to the world.

Best Regards,