• Before you start
    The SQL Server may already be installed on your server. How do you check?

    Check if MSSQLSERVER service is running.
    Here is how to check if you have SQL Server installed and running: open command prompt and run this command

    C:>net start mssqlserver

    If the SQL Server is installed and running, you should see this message:

    C:>The requested service has already been started.

    If it is not running, this command will attempt start it. If you get success message, your SQL server is installed and running.

    You may get an error like this:

    C:\>net start mssqlserver
    System error 1069 has occurred.
    The service did not start due to a logon failure.

    If you get this error, try changing the account to Local Service, for example:

    C:\>sc config mssqlserver obj= “NT Authority\Local Service”
    [SC] ChangeServiceConfig SUCCESS

    Now you can try starting the SQL Server service again. If the service still does not start, make sure you are running command prompt as Administrator.

    Make sure the SQL Server service is available in Services. If the service not available in Services, instal SQL Server Developer Edition, if you don’t have the installer for SQL Server, you can download it from your MSDN subscription or contact helpdesk.

    Creating a local database

    Do not copy or backup/restore existing databases. Get the scripts from the source control and use them to generate database from scratch.

    If you get an error while opening the solution containing .dtproj projects, you need to install BI tools.
    Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence for Visual Studio 2013 – required for building .dtproj