• How to recover photos from a broken phone?

    Others say it’s impossible, but we can recover pictures from a broken Android phone, even if the screen is broken, not responding to touch, the phone does not boot up, or is completely dead. It may show any error message, be stuck in a boot loop, turn off a second after being turned on or not turn on at all; it can even be broken in half. As long as the tiny eMMC memory chip inside the phone is not damaged…

    Yes, we can recover pictures from a non-working Samsung Galaxy phone.

    This article applies to all Samsung Galaxy S and Note models: S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, Note 2, Note 3, or later. We may be able to recover other models, but unfortunately it does not include Apple iPhone devices. You may experience a boot loop or a message “Firmware upgrade experienced an issue” like this Galaxy Note II phone.

    Firmware upgrade issue

    How to recover pictures from a dead Samsung Galaxy phone? The phone may be soft bricked by an interrupted OTA update, sudden power loss, or a failed attempt to replace the ROM, physically damaged.

    Watch our short YouTube video to see how we do it.

    If you stored your photos on removable micro SD card or backed  up to the cloud, good for you. This post is for the rest of us.

    This post is for you if you have photos on your phone internal memory, not on removable SD card and your phone does not turn on or does not respond to touch.


    We can recover your photos. It may take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days or sometimes weeks. So far, we recovered photos from all phones people sent us.


    We do not repair broken phones. We only recover files from your device and make it available to you via private cloud.


    Thanks from Talisha, one of our first customers.


    The price to recover all photos on your phone depends on the problem with the phone:

    The phone turns on, but the screen is blank, cracked, or does not respond to touch – $99

    The phone does not turn on, no visible physical damage, aka soft brick – $179

    The phone does not turn on and has physical damage, water damage, etc. – $199

    The price for additional service is:

    • To recover videos – $5 per 1 Gb
    • To recover all contacts – $15
    • To recover all text messages – $25

    For a limited time we offer 50% discount on photo recovery services.

    Contact us if you have questions or want to mail your device. We will answer your questions and provide our mailing address.

    Confirmed successful photo recovery include the following Samsung devices:

    • T-Mobile Galaxy S III. This device had a completely broken screen that was not sensitive to touch at all.
    • Verizon Galaxy S III. This device would not turn on at all.
    • Sprint Galaxy S III. This device was turning on for a couple of seconds and then turn on before fully booting up.
    • AT&T Galaxy S4. This device’s screen was all black.
    • Sprint Galaxy Note II. This device would not start. It displayed an error message.

    How to mail the phone

    The bubble mailer envelope is about $3 by UPS within United States.

    Make sure to include your email address when you mail your phone to us. We will need it to communicate the progress to you and to send you a link to recovered photos. As an option, you can provide your phone number.

    How and when to make payments

    We accept PayPal. You do not need to pay before sending us your device. We will let you know as soon as we receive your phone. Don’t forget to include your e-mail when you mail us your device.

    We will send you some of your recovered photos as soon as we get them. We expect that you pay for the service, and we deliver remaining photos to you.