Download RegmagiK Registry Editor


Current version is 4.9.15. By popular demand (I read discussions about RegmagiK in freeware forums) 32-bit version 4.9.15 is now Freeware! If you use last freeware version 3.26.4 here is your chance to upgrade for free! Share with friends, post in your blog, forum, or like us on Facebook.

RegmagiK 32-bit is free: Full RegmagiK functionality with no disabled commands and no time limit. This version is intended to replace a well-known last freeware version 3.26.4 that is now over 10 years old (but still used by many users and Windows enthusiasts).

RegmagiK 64-bit is trial: You can download and use it for evaluation purposes for 31 days. If you like to keep using it, please, order a license. The price is $15 (plus tax in some states). You will receive personal license code valid for all your computers.