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Hello world!

Welcome to RegmagiK Software.

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Registry Editor

RegmagiK is fast and easy-to-use Windows Registry Editor. It provides convenient Registry navigation, search, and editing for advanced users.

RegmagiK extends familiar Regedit.exe functionality with a number of unique enhancements, including fast search with all matches displayed in the search results pane.

You can bookmark your favorite registry keys or create shortcuts  on desktop.

RegmagiK is not an automatic registry cleaner. It does have a feature to search for invalid registry keys, however you’ll need to decide for yourself if you want to delete them.


Searchcut is your tiny assistant that helps you search the Web from any Windows application without copy and paste steps.

Instead of copy-paste to search engine input box, you just select text in any Windows application, hold Control key and press Insert twice, and the search results open in your browser. You can also use Ctrl+CC combination (hold Control key and press C twice).